Ford Unveils New Focus ST

New Focus STFord is always been known for presenting a unique blend of performance and speed, which makes it easy to see why the new 2015 Ford Focus ST is getting so much hype. After months of waiting, the new Focus ST has finally made its global debut at Goodwood Festival of Speed in the United Kingdom—the perfect place for the performance version of the new Focus to show-off its superior driving dynamics.

“Since its debut, Focus ST has been bringing our fun-to-drive DNA to the hot hatch segment with a uniquely Ford blend of driving dynamics, performance, and style,” said Raj Nair, Ford group vice president of Global Product Development. “Now, with improved dynamics, an updated suspension, new styling, and a more sophisticated cabin, we expect the 2015 Focus ST will remain the hottest hatch worldwide.”

Through a combination of superior craftsmanship and innovative technology, the Focus ST will present a sportier, more performance-oriented vehicle than ever before. Some refinements for the 2015 model included a redesigned front and rear fascia, a new exterior color—Magnetic Metallic—replacing Ingot Silver, a redesigned instrument panel enter stack, and a center console that has more storage space and a new media bin, among other features.

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Ford Considered Best-Selling Brand for Military Families

If you’re a military family looking for a new car, it looks like you just can’t go wrong with Ford. A recent HIS Automotive military sample of 19.3 million active, retired or veteran military personnel showed that Ford is considered the best-selling brand for military families. Out of the top ten new vehicles purchased by military families, three are from the Ford lineup.

“Military families, in particular, desire the efficiency, capability, and smart technology Ford vehicles offer,” said Jim Farley, Ford executive vice president of Global Marketing, Sales, Service and Lincoln. “Ford has a long history of supporting active-duty military personnel and veterans, and it is an honor American military families buy Ford more than any other brand.”

The three most popular Ford vehicles amongst military personnel are the F-150 pickup truck, which is ranked number one on the list, the Escape, which is the third overall vehicle and the first utility vehicle on the list, and the Fusion, which rounds out the list in ninth.Best-Selling Brand for Military Families

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Ford Announces Alan Mulally Leadership Scholarship Program

fordOutstanding students across America who are looking to pursue degrees in the field of automotive engineering are about to get a whole lot of help. Ford Motor Company recently announced the Alan Mulally Leadership in Engineering Scholarship, a $1 million program that honors the former Ford CEO by providing future automotive engineering students with financial assistance.

“Alan’s engineering background and data-driven decision making paved the way for the extraordinary leadership he provided at Ford, said Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford. “We are honoring his legacy by providing scholarships to students who demonstrate the strong engineering ability that is required to develop into the next generation of leaders in our industry.”

For the next ten years, starting in spring 2015, the Alan Mulally Leadership Scholarship will award 10 one-time $10,000 scholarships each year to an outstanding sophomore or junior engineering students at premier partner universities around the world.

For more information on the scholarship, visit the Ford Blue Oval Scholars website.

Ford Stays Committed to Global Water Conservation

Water ConservationFord has released its 15th annual Sustainability Report earlier this week, revealing new plans to aggressively ramp up water conservation programs at global facilities and among suppliers.

Ford believes clean, affordable drinking water and access to sanitation is a basic human right. Last year, the company announced that it had reduced its per-vehicle water use by 30 percent two years ahead of schedule.

This year, Ford plans to cut water use this year by yet another 2 percent. It’ll do this by asking high water-use suppliers and suppliers working in water-stressed regions to voluntarily report water consumption, after which it’ll be able to work with them to achieve reductions. Ford hopes this will motivate other suppliers to mirror their efforts around the world and further reduce their environmental footprint.

“[Ford] recognizes that working in regions struggling with water scarcity will soon make water a costly commodity,” said John Fleming, executive vice president, Global Manufacturing and Labor Affairs for Ford Motor Company. “From a business perspective, understanding future constraints and immediately reducing Ford’s water consumption makes sense.”

Learn more about Ford’s sustainability efforts at Velde Ford.

All-New 2015 Ford Transit Promises to Be an Even Better Business Solution

All-new 2015 Ford Transit can carry all of your supplies!

The all-new 2015 Ford Transit can carry all of your supplies!

If a commercial van’s exterior design has never caught your eye before, that’s about to change with the all-new 2015 Ford Transit. And once you start checking it out, your attention will be held as you learn of its impressive gas mileage, torque, and cargo capacity.

As Ford’s Transit lineup hits U.S. dealerships for the first time this summer, its traditional gasoline engines will boast 46 percent better fuel economy on the highway than the Ford Econoline van it will be replacing. Forty-six percent! According to EPA estimates, that’s 19 highway miles to the gallon.

The efficient 3.5-liter EcoBoost® engine boasts a best-in-class 400 pounds per feet of torque. The 3.2-liter engine promises 350 lb.-ft. at 1,500-2,500 rpm; and the Transit’s diesel engine provides a robust 260 lb.-ft. No matter which engine you choose, Ford Transit is prepared to expertly move you and your business.

Speaking of moving you and your business, the 2015 Transit van offers a maximum of 487.3 cubic feet of room to comfortably hold all of your equipment and your employees. No vehicle in its class can top the extended-length wagon model, which can seat 15, plus offer 100.5 cubic feet of storage in the rear.

If you haven’t already taken notice of the 2015 Ford Transit van, we at Velde Ford highly suggest you start. It might be exactly what your business needs to keep moving in the right direction.

New Ford Mustang Documentary in the Works

Two British film producers, Nigel Sinclair and Guy East have joined together to form a new production company called White Horse Pictures. Appropriately, their first project will feature a horse of a different sort—a new documentary starring the Ford Mustang, called “A Faster Horse.”

The new Ford Mustang documentary will be directed by David Gelb (“Jiro Dreams of Sushi”). It will take us through the Mustang’s vivid 50-year history and will include rare archival footage from Ford along with interviews with Mustang enthusiasts and Ford insiders.

“In recent times, Steve Jobs has taught us that practical, everyday objects—a music player, a personal computer—can be objects of great aesthetic beauty,” Sinclair said, in a statement. “The Mustang was perhaps the earliest exemplar of this philosophy. There has never been a car that has resonated so deeply in American culture as the Mustang, and David Gelb will bring his unique cinematic approach to the project.”

Ford has even given the team full access to archival materials and let them document the design and creation process of the upcoming 2015 Mustang.

While filming is currently underway, there is no word on when the Ford Mustang documentary will be released.

2015 Ford Mustang stars in Ford Mustang Documentary

2015 Ford Mustang

Fusion Sheds 700 Pounds for Ford’s New “Lightweight Concept”

Recently, we’ve been hearing lots of news about automakers lightweighting larger vehicles like trucks and SUVs. Of course, here at Velde Ford, our favorite example of this phenomenon is the highly-anticipated 2015 F-150 pickup, which will begin production soon in Dearborn, Michigan. It makes sense that these kinds of vehicles would be the first to get the lightweight treatment; after all, the higher gas prices rise, the less practical full-size trucks and SUVs become. However, many people, for work or personal reasons, still require these kinds of vehicles, so Ford has set their engineers loose to find all sorts of new ways to lightweight vehicles to make them more efficient.

But now, Ford has taken the trend to an all-new place with the “Lightweight Concept,” which brings the techniques used in the new F-150—as well as some new ones—to cars like the Ford Fusion. The “Lightweight Concept” is basically a Ford Fusion that shed 700 pounds by replacing almost every single part in the car with lighter alternatives. The end result is amazing—a full-size sedan that weighs only as much as the Fiesta, Ford’s compact offering.

Here’s how Ford was able to perform such a feat. It starts with the frame, which is constructed from aluminum, high-strength steel, and magnesium. This type of frame is both lighter and stronger than a frame made solely from steel. Many parts of the car, like the oil pan and even the wheels, are made of premium carbon fiber materials. Even the windshields get lightweighted, with a mixture of Gorilla Glass and even plastic—the same kind found in cell phones—found in the car’s windows.


“Our goal was to investigate how to design and build a mixed-materials, lightweight vehicle that could potentially be produced in high volume, while providing the same level of safety, durability and toughness as our vehicles on the road today,” Matt Zaluzec, technical leader for global materials and manufacturing research for Ford, said. “There’s not a one-size-fits-all approach to light-weighting. The Lightweight Concept gives us the platform to continue to explore the right mix of materials and applications for future vehicles.”

All these lighter alternative parts allow the Lightweight Concept to employ a smaller engine—a 1.0L three-cylinder EcoBoost, to be precise—and still achieve performance numbers comparable to the typical Fusion. There’s no current plan to bring the Lightweight Concept to production—all those carbon fiber parts cost several pretty pennies—but there’s plenty to be excited about. Ford is even looking for ways to replace lead-acid batteries with a lighter option; one way or another, we’re sure to see amazing things in the future here at Velde Ford as a direct result of the Lightweight Concept.

2015 Ford F-150 Aluminum is Still Built Tough


Big things are in store for the new Ford F-150

Ok, when you heard the word ‘aluminum’ you may be thinking of a soda can that you crush with one hand. Well don’t get any ideas about doing that with the 2015 Ford F-150 aluminum body. It may be lighter, but it is still just as tough as ever.

Expected late this year, the 2015 Ford F-150 aluminum-bodied truck is expected revolutionize the auto industry by producing all-aluminum vehicles by the masses. The new F-150 has been rumored to have been in development since 2008, and it is now finally about to release.

So why would they pick aluminum? Well, there are multiple reasons that are going to make it better than other materials. Aluminum resists rust and corrosion which will help to extend lives of vehicles. It also provides a much lighter body, which was an ultimate goal for Ford.

This is not the first vehicle to feature an aluminum body, but it is the first one to use it on huge amount of them. To be honest, Ford actually had an all-aluminum truck in 1930, so this isn’t completely uncharted territory for them.

We have seen aluminum bodies thrive on other transportation devices, whether that is on land, in the sea, or in the air, so why not make it mass-produced on the best-selling vehicle in America?

Since it is expected to join the lineup late this year, make sure you keep checking back to see when we will be receiving the 2015 Ford F-150 aluminum truck at Velde Ford and then come in and see its magnificence in person!

Used Ford Cars Available at Velde Ford

In case you haven’t been to our website yet, we just wanted to let you know about all the used Ford cars available at Velde Ford! From small to big and older to newer, we have plenty of models to choose from on our used car lot!

Used Ford Cars Available at Velde Ford*

  • Club Wagon
  • Econoline Wagon
  • Edge
  • Escape
  • Explorer
  • F-150
  • Flex
  • Focus
  • Freestar Wagon
  • Fusion
  • Mustang
  • Taurus

What style do you fancy when looking for a used car? Are you a person who needs a lot of room for passengers, or do you just a sports car to show off to your friends? Whatever it is you are looking for we can help you out.


Let’s take a look at one vehicle in particular, the Ford Focus. Currently there are eight used Focus vehicles on our lot, and each of them has something to offer. For instance, each model comes with standard safety features to help protect yourself and your passengers. Each also comes with a I4 2.0-liter engine and automatic transmission.

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*Current vehicles available as of 5/19/2014. Vehicles may no longer be on lot. See dealer for details.

Ford Escape Recall to Affect Almost 700,000 Vehicles

Ford Escape

Recalls are always an important topic in the automotive industry, and that’s why we want to late you know about the latest one from Ford. The Ford Escape recall is said to affect almost 700,000 models from the 2013-2014 year.

To add to what seems like the never-ending year of recalls, the Ford Escape marks another vehicle that needs one, or actually should we say two.  The Ford Escape recall is currently in place because of a faulty software glitch that may affect the deployment of the airbags upon an accident. This part of the recall will cause a handful of C-Max hybrids to be brought in as well.

The other part of the Ford Escape recall involves the door handles of these same Escapes. “The News reports that the exterior door handles could open while the vehicle is in motion, and could also fail to latch properly,” says Steven J. Ewing from Autoblog.

Currently there are no reports of injuries or crashes due to these recall reasons. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has also not released an official recall notification as of today. For more information please contact Ford and stay up to date with Ford news and the NHTSA for official recall notifications.