All-Star Ford Fiesta ST from Automobile Magazine


Each year Automobile Magazine releases its ten favorite vehicles as their All-Star Winners. This year there is one that is going to wear the name proudly – The All-Star Ford Fiesta ST.

The vehicle winners on Automobile Magazine’s list represent vehicles that are just plain awesome. Deciding these winners does not include looking at crash tests or putting it through rigorous categories to determine a winner. These cars are just the staff’s favorite picks based on their drive and ride.

Before we get to extra features, let’s take a look at what the staff said about this compact car:

“The numbers are impressive: 197 hp, 35 mpg highway, and a base price of $22,195. But what we really like about the Ford Fiesta ST is its character. It’s a bullet on the road, with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that sounds like a mini-Ferrari when flogged, a lively chassis, supportive Recaro seats, and clean shift action from the six-speed manual. This small, high-technology hot rod dares you to drive harder and faster.” (Via All-Star Winners List)

All-Star Ford Fiesta ST Features (make header)

Interior – The ST RECARO® package includes partial leather-trimmed front seats, heated front seats, and a low, comfortable seating position. Technology is a great feature in the Fiesta ST with a 6.5-inch customizable color-coded touch-screen display.

Exterior –A sleek, sporty design with standard 17-inch alloy wheels really shows of the beauty behind the Ford Fiesta. It also offers a high-performance exhaust system, racing silhouette mirrors, a low center of gravity, and sport suspension features.

This isn’t the only award that has gone to the Ford Fiesta. It was also named as the Womens World Car of the Year and the ST was named as MotorWeek’s Best Subcompact Car of 2014.

Keep checking back with Velde Ford in Pekin to see when you can get behind the wheel of the All-Star Ford Fiesta ST.

Ford Explorer Police Car is on the Prowl

We all are used to see the typical police cruiser on the side of the road, like the Corwin Victoria, and lately the Dodge Charger. Now, there is a new sheriff in tow (pun extremely intended). The new Ford Explorer police car is going to be patrolling highways and cities all around us, making it a new favorite among police officers.

Last year the Ford Explorer police car, known as the Police Interceptor Utility, outsold all other new law enforcement vehicles in the entire country. “Ford sold 14,086 Interceptor Utilities in 2013, up 140% from the year before, and 10,897 Interceptor Sedans, up 31%, according to USA Today,” said Chris Bruce from AutoBlog.

This information is really helpful to the lead foot on the road. Now you know that there are other vehicles to watch for as you speed down the Interstate.

One thing is for certain: we would not suggest going up against this beast after seeing how it handles:

Another fascinating feature is that it is going to be available with a 365-horsepower 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 engine. Not sure if you read that correctly, let us state that again: A LOT OF POWER!!

We here at Velde Ford want to remind you that speeding and other dangerous driving habits can be hazardous to you and the drivers around you. Please be safe on the road. You do not want a Ford Police Car chasing after you!

The Anniversary of a Ford Legend

Velde Ford

The Webster Dictionary defines ‘icon‘ in the following manner:    An object of uncritical devotion and a widely known symbol.    America’s Iconic Sports Coupe soon marks its 50th Anniversary.  The Ford Motor Company is now tempting the taste buds of Mustang enthusiasts worldwide with its official presentation of the All New 2015 Ford Mustang.   In our book, … it is simply Ford’s Next Legend!

The same ‘go to’ vehicle that has stolen the hearts of movie goers in films like “Bullitt” and the recent “Need for Speed” is about to rock the world of chase scenes once again.  Consider a power plant capable of 300hp and 270lb foot of torque in the V6 base engine or the 5.0L V8 with over 420hp and 390lb-ft.    Check out this article and photos in Car & Driver.

So, how do you introduce and do justice to the debut of what is being heralded as one of the most important vehicle launches, … in fifty years.  Well you go to great heights for the intro, make sure it is seen worldwide in an unprecedented way, and above all – make sure  that the pedal is to the metal in Social and Digital exposure.   That translates to the New 2015 Mustang heading to the top in this recent New York Daily Article.

Want to see more pictures and specs on this Sixth Generation American Performance Package?  Well, we have gathered some links and comments to satisfy your high octane thirst until the official model release this fall.

“ Right now, it is the most technological advanced Mustang ever.”   Scott Lindstrom, Ford Manager.

Straight from Ford, insight, photos and attributes of the 2015 Mustang.      Ford.Com

A little ‘Need for Speed’  Commercial Action – featuring the 2015 Mustang can be found Right Here.

First Look and what a look from Motortrend’s Reveal of the astounding 2015 Mustang Convertible.

Next from – a Gallery of Photos of the 2015 V6 Premium Mustang Coupe.

And, last but not least, the official Ford Motor Company Facebook Page for the 2015 Mustang.   Over six million Mustang fans have tracked the development, testing, reveal and credits here.  Be sure to Like & Friend the page to keep abreast of vehicle show dates, production release dates and final 2015 Mustang vehicle specs.

About Velde Ford of Pekin.   Located on Auto Row on Route 29 North in Pekin Illinois, Velde Ford is celebrating its 57th Year of Serving Patrons throughout Central Illinois.   Family owned and operated by the Saurs family, Velde Ford is truly a family orientated customer experience.  The Velde Ford Car Showroom and Truck Center offer Ford entire lineup of World-Class Award Winning Cars, SUVs, CUVs, Trucks and Vans.

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Velde Ford of Pekin Reminds Everyone of the 2014 Central Illinois Auto Show!


Velde Ford is reminding you to check out the Central Illinois Auto Show.

Celebrating 25 Years of Serving Central Illinois

Friday, April 4th – Sunday, April 6th

Spring has officially arrived and the Central Illinois Auto Show is upon us.   Velde Ford of Pekin cordially invites all of its friends and patrons to the 25th Anniversary of the largest autoshow in downstate Illinois.

The Central Illinois Auto Show sponsored by the Peoria Area New Car Dealers Association has grown in size and rivals the New Auto Shows in Indy, Kansas City and Milwaukee.

Mark your calendars and save your dates for Friday, April 4th – Sunday, April 6th.   This year Show Sponsors expect to exceed over 40,000 attendees.    For many in the surrounding Central Illinois Communities like East Peoria, Morton and nearby Bloomington, … the event marks the beginning of the Spring Auto Shopping Season.   The Auto Season’s start includes some of the best vehicle incentives of the year from manufacturers.

This year’s 25th Anniversary CIAS is once again centrally located at the Civic Center in Downtown Peoria, IL.   See all the details at, PeoriaAutoShow.Com.    View the CIAS Promotions for the entire family here.

The 2014 Ford Motor Company Display has some extra special features this year.  In addition to Ford’s 2014 comprehensive lineup of Best in Class Fuel Efficient Vehicles, Ford will be showcasing the All New 2015 Ford 150, the Totally Redesigned 50th Anniversary American Icon, … the 2015 Ford Mustang, … and America’s Best Selling Workhorse, …  the 2015 SuperDuties.

Stop by for a test drive after the show and see why America’s Number One Selling Brand is Ford.  Please feel free to contact any Velde Ford Associate for information on any Ford Car, Suv, Truck or Van or directions to the show at 888.221.2804.  Additionally, you can Contact Us by Email Here.

You can contact the Peoria Metro New Car Dealers Association Directly at 309.693.9867 ext.11 or 16.

See you at the show!

About Velde Ford of Pekin.   Located on Auto Row on Route 29 North in Pekin Illinois, Velde Ford is celebrating its 57th Year of Serving Patrons throughout Central Illinois.   Family owned and operated by the Saurs family, Velde Ford is truly a family orientated customer experience.  The Velde Ford Car Showroom and Truck Center offer Ford entire lineup of World-Class Award Winning Cars, SUVs, CUVs, Trucks and Vans.

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Ford Motor Company Ethics Honored by Etisphere


For the fifth year in a row, the Ford Motor Company ethics have been recognized and awarded by the Etisphere Institute as being among the best. Ranking with other companies like Google, Hasbro, and Starbucks Coffee Company, Ford Motor company ethics have been honored as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies.

“The World’s Most Ethical (WME) Companies designation recognizes companies that truly go beyond making statements about doing business “ethically” and translate those words into action,” said Etisphere about their honorees. “WME honorees not only promote ethical business tandards and practices internally, they exceed legal compliance minimums and shape future industry standards by introducing best practices today.”

144 companies were awarded this year, and they range from the U.S. to Europe, and all across the world. However, Ford Motor Company is the only automaker to make the list, making it an even bigger honor to be recognized with this award.

Velde Ford follows the Ford Motor Company ethics in every aspect of daily routines. Customers are the most important part of our business. If you aren’t happy then we aren’t happy. If we fail to follow and ethical code for business, then we have let you down. Stop by Velde Ford today to experience great service and exceptional ethics.

Saying “Goodbye” to William Clay Ford, 88

After a fight with pneumonia, William Clay Ford died on the morning of March 9th at the age of 88. We say farewell to the retired vice chairman of Ford Motor Company and the last grandchild of automotive innovator Henry Ford.

“Ford spent 57 years with his grandfather’s company, joining the board of directors in 1948 before graduating from college,” says Brandon Turkus of AutoBlog. “Ford also held a position of chairman of the design committee, as well as the chairman of the executive committee and vice chairman of the Board of Directors during his tenure with the company.”

It is hard to say goodbye to such an important and influential part of the Ford Motor Company, and thus there has been   tribute video to Mr. Ford created:

Not only leaving behind a legacy, he also leaves behind his wife, kids, including William Clay Ford, Jr., and other loving family members.

“In honor of Mr. Ford’s memory, Ford Motor Company locations in the U.S. will lower their American and Ford flags to half-staff for a 30-day period,” said a Ford press release. “Ford locations outside the U.S. will follow local custom.”

At Velde Ford we will miss the late William Clay Ford, Sr., but strive to continue his excellence in everyday operations.

2015 Ford Focus Redesign comes with 1.0-Liter EcoBoost


The Ford Focus will be receiving an update for the 2015 model year.

The evolution of a car is exciting to see, especially when it is as popular as the Ford Focus. Among all the excellent features for the 2015 Ford Focus redesign, drivers will find a 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine with even better fuel efficiency than the previous model.

Let’s save the best part for last. Included in the 2015 Ford Focus redesign the makers have completely restyled the outside giving it a fresher, more rounded and clean-cut look, while gutting the inside and giving it advanced technologies.

Ok, let’s get to this engine. “The 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine is proof that excellent fuel economy and performance can come in one package,” said Raj Nair, Ford group vice president, global product development. “Focus is already known for bringing together efficiency and fun, and our latest addition will bring consumers a whole new level of enjoyment – on the road and at the pump.” (Ford Press Release)

A six-speed manual transmission will come with this EcoBoost engine offering what is expected to be 40 mpg highway, or better, but we will have to wait and see for sure what it will be,

Available in the second half of 2014, the 2015 Ford Focus will definitely be a popular model. So don’t miss your chance to get one at Velde Ford. Keep up-to-date with us and you can be one of the first to test drive it with a redesign.

Big Pickup Trucks are Found More Appealing


Big things are in store for the new Ford F-150.

In a recent study, it showed that women are more attracted to men in big pickup trucks, specifically dark-colored ones. Luckily for all you men out there, we have lots of Ford F-150 pickup trucks, and if you want to get the whole package, we also have black, navy, and other dark colors available., the survey study founder, polled 2,000 drivers to see which ones are preferred by members of the opposite sex. It found that women prefer a man driving a dark pickup truck, based on evidence that showed 32 percent of women being attracted to the truck, and more than half being attracted to black cars.

Big pickup trucks did lead the pack, which also consisted of sports cars (27 percent), SUVs (16 percent) and for some reason mail trucks (1 percent). While it is the truck they are looking for, it didn’t seem to matter which brand of truck, although we do know which one is most preferred in the nation…coughFORDcough, and 16 percent of women did end up picking us.

So if you have been striking out with the ladies recently, then why don’t you test out your luck in a dark pickup truck from Velde Ford? Hey, if it doesn’t work, at least you will still have an awesome truck!

Ford Brand Perception Ranks in the Top Four


The Ford F-150 has helped build the Ford brand.

Car dealerships, like Velde Ford, pride themselves on having great customer perception. It means that customers think of us first when they are on the market for a new car. Well, on a national level Ford brand perception is important too. That is why being ranked second in the Consumer Reports Brand Perception Survey is important to Ford.

“Often, perception can be a trailing indicator, reflecting, years of good or bad performance in a category, and it can be influenced by headlines in the media,” says Jeff Bartlett, Consumer Reports deputy automotive editor. (AutoBlog)

A lot of vehicles in the lineup have contributed to the Ford brand perception being so high. Thanks to the Ford F-150, the best-selling vehicle in America, whenever customers picture a big, tough truck, they think of Ford.

Another vehicle that is a major focus in Ford brand perception is the Ford Focus, ironically. With great fuel efficiency and a roomy interior, the Ford Focus offers a great ride for a great price.

Since we know that you are already thinking which vehicle you want to take for a test ride from our dealership, you might as well head down now. Come see the new Ford F-150 or Ford Focus and get a first-class ride.

Ford Flex Versatility is Great for Tall or Short Drivers


The Ford Flex is known for its great versatility.

If you are in that gray area of too tall or too short for a long list of different vehicles, then you are in luck. Yahoo! Autos recently announced the best vehicles for tall and short drivers, and due to the Ford Flex versatility, it made both lists!

There is a lot that can come from the Ford Flex versatility, and maybe that’s why they call it the Flex. Because of its pedal placement, and available seat maneuverability, the Ford Flex can seat someone who is 6’3” or 5’1”.

However, that’s not at all that is inside the crossover. You will also convenient features like ambient lighting, a Multipanel Vista Roof®, and three row seating. The Flex has been given a Best-in-Class Legroom with seating for seven, now that’s some space.

There are some available options that also make the Ford Flex versatility worth the purchase. Are you a tailgater at all? Well, with selected availability, you will find the PowerFold® third-row seat with tailgate feature and a refrigerated second row console. You may not need those, but wouldn’t you love to have them?!

Looking at how the Ford Flex can seat a tall or short driver as well as many passengers and cargo, it’s probably time to go out and get one! Give Velde Ford a call today to see if we have any in stock, and if we do then come on down for a test drive to see just how versatile it is!